Wall Mounted Single Color, Single Zone, Controller (Touch Screen)


This remote controls brightness of single colour on a single zone, and can be determined by means of the Touch Circle or the arrow keys left and right.

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The LM LED Strip Touch Dimmer uses new capacitive touch sensing technology, removing the need for complex buttons and switches.

This new technology uses high grade tempered glass, creating a seamless look and no physical buttons, making it super easy to operate, and well protected against moisture, water, corrosion and dust. Simply touch the glass panel and the action instantly works.

The highly accurate touch panel allows you to change the level of brightness of your LED strip lights and is compatible with 12 and 24 volt strips and drivers.

The easy-to-clean touch panel is scratch resistant and won’t discolour over time.


Each Touch Dimmer has a touch wheel allowing you to select the brightness required instantly. It also features a neat on/off central button allowing you to switch the strip on and off, without having to switch the mains power.

The 30 second power-off function allows you to enter a room, do what you need to do and press the 30 second power-off button to automatically switch off after 30 seconds making quick trips even quicker.

Save your preferred dimming level with the SAVE function allowing one touch setting of mood lighting.

Each action on the touch dimmer makes a small sound confirming the action which can also be turned off. There is also a very small blue LED light enabling the dimmer to be found when it’s dark.


Installation is easy, the in-wall dimmer is installed simply using two screws and the mounting bracket included. Additional wall boxes may be required when surface mounting or recessing into plaster boards.

Connecting your LED strip is also easy, with simple screw terminals on the back. The LM touch dimmer accepts 12 or 24 low voltage DC input and can power both 12 and 24 volt LED strips.

Input voltage: DC12V~DC24V

Max current load: 4A x1CH Max 4A

Max output power: 48W/96W(12V/24V)

Working temperature: -20℃~60℃

Dimensions: L 86 × W 86 × H 36mm

1-22521 – D1 – Manual ENG