3X 3W LUX RGB Spike Light & 40W Transformer & Single Zone RGB Controller (Copy)



The LUX LED 3W RGB Spike Light has excellent light output for all small to medium landscape lighting applications. They are extremely energy efficient and require zero lamp maintenance making them ideal for any quality outdoor or landscape lighting project, these can be used for up-lighting screens and outdoor features. If your outdoor arrangement is missing colour and warmth, the RGB Spike light would be an ideal addition to bring a solution to your outdoor arrangement.

This Spike Light Landscape fitting incorporates the latest 3W Power LED from CREE.

IP Classification
IP65 for outdoor use (Dimmable)

Silver iodised aluminium

3 Watt LED RGB Colour Alternating

– High performance LED Spike Light and reflector
– Aluminium ground spike
Please note:- Single Coloured lights (Blue, Green, Red, Amber) are special orders, waiting time maybe over 3 weeks for delivery


This Waterproof LED driver is build for outdoor use and conducts a current of up to 150 Watt.

An LED driver is needed to run LED’s properly.

Unlike most electronic devices, LED’s are current driven devices, not voltage driven ones. Even a  minuscule change in voltage can lead to a huge change in current. Hence, it is important that the drive current is regulated and not the voltage.

IP Classification

150 Watt

Input Voltage
AC 170~240 Volts

Output Voltage
DC 12 Volts – 24 Volts


This LED Controller is designed for RGB LED products is easy to install and use. The color can be determined by the Touch Circle. The speed and brightness can be determined by the arrow keys left and right.


D series wall-mounted touch panel controller –single zone series is widely installed in commercial / office/household. Range from Single color/ CT/RGB/RGBW four types. Applies for various kinds LEDs.

D series touch panel controller absorts the best controlling technology from other manufacturers. to provide users with more superior items.

simple fashion and decent appearance design.

Unique structure, super easy to install/remove.

high accuracy touching IC+special post-processing ,the touching accuracy is highly strengthened.

Fool type operation, easy to use.

Touching along with chord music & LED indicator.Visual & Auditory & Touch 3 layers to feel the light-changing synchronously.

Pioneered T-PWM dimming technology+ 4096 gray scale makes an almost perfect dimming/ color-mixing performance.

Package Include:

1 Piece of Wall Mount RGBW LED Controller D4 Touch Panel Switch DC12-24V

1 Piece of User’s Manual

Adopt high-grade tempered glass panel, super easy to operate and with a bounch of outstanding featueres: nobleness & elegance, well protected against moisture, water, Corrosion and dust. Easy to clean. high strength, nonbreakable and Scratch Resistance, Non-defrmation, nondiscolouring, durable. The item may be sold as similar item if this version is out of stock.