Remote Switching Unit For Outdoor Lighting


This product comes with a Sender and Receiver, the Sender connects to your existing light switch (sits behind existing switch on wall) the Receiver will fit behind the outdoor power socket that the transformer plugs into, so every time you turn on the existing outdoor lights, the garden lights come on at the same time, in turn saving you having to run costly and lengthy cabling and switching


Connect to any existing 240 Volt or 12 Volt switching system.

Connect outdoor light switching to any outdoor light system

Comes with ReceiverĀ and Transmitter

It is ideal for 55 mm diameter electrical boxes.


Power supply 110/230 Vac
Number of outputs 1
Power max 3000 W (230 Vac)
1000 W (110 Vac)
Protection rating IP20
Dimensions 54x49x25 mm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg