Strip Lighting (20X Modules = 34 CM in Length) + 1X SUN RGB Remote & Controller + 1X 40W Transformer



  • This product comes in runs of 34 Centimeters length, containing 20 Modules equates to approximately 14 Watts or 0.7 Watts Per ModuleThese are used for commercial and domestic applicationsIP 67 Rated for outdoor installation, Multi Coloured RGB

    DC 12 volt, 220 Lumens, High power 0.7 Watts per light (commercial grade) these only come in 12 Volt

    Used for under outdoor seating, benches, behind screens, Light-boxes and on top of and under bathroom cupboards.

    The SUN RGB Remote controller is an extremely easy to use tool to adjust the colour of your RGB lighting system accurately and efficiently. This controller has 10 different changing modes available. Brightness and colour is easily and smoothly adjustable. Includes RF controller with wiring details provided in PDF below.

    Some key features:



This Waterproof LED driver is build for outdoor use and conducts a current of up to 75 Watt.

An LED driver is needed to run LED’s properly.

Unlike most electronic devices, LED’s are current driven devices, not voltage driven ones. Even a  minuscule change in voltage can lead to a huge change in current. Hence, it is important that the drive current is regulated and not the voltage.

IP Classification

75 Watt

Input Voltage
AC 170~240 Volts

Output Voltage
DC 12 Volts