Sa Outdoor Lighting, selling quality outdoor LED Low Voltage lighting for over 10 years.

SA Outdoor Lighting is a family owned business, we have been selling quality outdoor LED Low Voltage Lighting from Adelaide, South Australia. We sell lights to Landscapers, Architects, Builders, Hotels, Coffee Shops and the General Public all over Australia for over 10 years.


If you’re in the market to lightscape your outdoor areas, then LED is the most sustainable option. LED lighting technology is highly efficient; emitting around 90% less heat, last on average 25 times longer and using approximately 85% less energy compared to conventional light sources (US Dept. of Energy, 2012).

Our LED lights contain no harmful substances such as Lead or Mercury and consume minimal power; ultimately aiding with lowering CO2 emissions whiles being completely compliant with Restrictions of Hazardous Substances.

LED is the most environmentally friendly light source second to sunlight, meaning they will do wonders for your home and for the ecosystem.

You can utilize any of the LED’s in their array of colours and styles in our extensive range due to their versatile nature.



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