EVO 7 Watt LED Black Spike Light 12V


This LED  light is suitable for emphasis lighting indoors as well as outdoors.


This outdoor LED Spike Light has excellent light output for all medium to large landscape lighting applications. They are extremely energy efficient and require zero lamp maintenance making them ideal for any quality outdoor or landscape lighting project, these can be used for up-lighting and fixed on a wall of a Pergola or Portico

The EVO 7W LED Spike Light fitting incorporates the latest 12W Power LED from CREE.

This LED Spike light is suitable for Garden lighting as well as Wall Lighting.


L 131mm H 140mm Diam 65mm

IP Classification
IP67 for outdoor use

Black Aluminium

7 Watt LED 12Volt

Luminous Efficacy
Warm White 100 Lumens per Watt

High performance LED Light, Reflector & Spike

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Silver, Black