RGB Modules, For Light Boxes & Architectural Screens (3.5 Metre Length)


RGB Lighting, Adjustable length and easy to install, perfect for Backlit screens and Architectural panels Backlit Screens


Voltage: 12 VDC
Power: 0.72 W/Per Module (3 leds per Module)
Chip: Epistar
Colour: RGB
Lumens: 220 Lumens
Beam Angle: 160 Degree
IP: 67
Length: 3.5 metre lengths (20 Modules) Can be put closer together to create brighter light
Joins: Cut and connect every light if needed
Connection: Comes with peel off sticky backing on the rear of each Module
Power: Every metre of lights equates to approx. 5 Watts (more if spaced closer together)
Driver: We suggest purchasing minimum of 75 Watt Transformer if buying two packs of lights

MeanWell Outdoor LED Driver 75 Watt MeanWell Outdoor LED Driver 75 Watt IP67 (12V & 24V)

Used for Architectural screens & Light-boxes. Backlit Screens

Controllers for RGB Lighting sold separately.
SUNRICHER RGB Remote Controller
Rainbow Touch Remote RGB Controller (Single Zone)