Creating Ambience Outdoors Using LED

One of the most important aspects of entertaining or just enjoying your outdoor area is the ambience and atmosphere. This allows a welcoming and positive feeling in everyone experiencing time in the outdoors. There are a few techniques that can be done to create an ambient atmosphere.

Design is key

We would highly recommend getting in touch with a garden designer, even if this is a new build and you’re starting from the ground up. They will know how to create an area that will reflect ambience and allow all different aspects to gel together complimenting each other. This will include things like recommending which style of lights to go in certain areas, implementing certain colours of walls to compliment and then design features such as mirrors that make the area feel larger.

Style and colour

Creating ambience and an atmosphere utilising outdoor LED lighting will be done by deciding the style and secondly the colour. If it is over a firepit or an outdoor seating area, a FESTOON string pendant light which stretches above hanging about 10 meters long is ideal – whereas under an alfresco area, a dimmable LUX wall light may be the way to go as it can be both ambient and practical. A garden designer will take these into account. Secondly, LED bulbs come in a few colours, but generally setting ambience is created using a warm white colour which has a yellowish hue.

Other than the lights 

What is almost as important as the LEDs to create a mood and ambience is the outdoor space itself. This is where a garden designer comes into play again as they can start your journey to renovating your area to create a welcoming and enjoyable space. Flora has a calming and relaxing effect and will ultimately make the experience more enjoyable.

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