What Size LED Transformer do I need for my LED Lights?

LED Transformers come in two Voltages, 12Volt & 24Volt, they are both classed as Low Voltage, you will get some drop in Voltage depending on how much cable and how many lights you are using.
Some lights are 24Volt and some are 12Volt, you cannot put the two together, the 24Volt needs a 24Volt transformer and the 12Volt Lights need a 12Volt transformer.
General rule of thumb is as follows, calculate how many Lights you want, then multiply that with the Voltage of each Light, so if you are using 5Watt garden Lights and you want 10 of them, you have 10X5, which equates to 50Watts, then Calculate the amount of cable you will need, again a generally rule of thumb would be as follows:-
• 10 X 5Watt LED Spike Lights = 50 Watts
• 50 Metres of Cable (approx.) = 25 Watts (.5 Watts Per metre)
• Cable Joins (2 Watts Per Join) = 20 Watts
So this equates to approximately 95 Watts in total
You would need a larger transformer than you need, so for 95 Watts, we would suggest getting a 150 Watt Led Transformer, this would give you additional voltage for any loss or miss calculation, you can also add lights later on, without changing over the transformer MeanWell Outdoor LED Driver 150W IP67 – SA Outdoor Lighting
Low Voltage Cable (Actually classed as Extra Low Voltage in SA) does not need to be buried or put in conduit, it is quite safe to put above ground.
It is best to install the lights to the cable using solder, then putting a heat shrink over each join, when cooled down you can tape both together (Black and Blue go together & Red and Red go together) do not get the joins mixed up
DO NOT connect new lights to old ones or old cable (this will create problems and the lights will not work properly)
DO NOT connect new lights to old transformers, the lights may blow up if too much voltage is put through the lights
How do LED transformers work? Basically the lights draw what power they need, so the lights as above, would only draw 80 Watts of power from the transformer. Halogen transformers work differently to this, the send out all the Voltage, which will damage LED Lights

Creating Ambience Outdoors Using LED

One of the most important aspects of entertaining or just enjoying your outdoor area is the ambience and atmosphere. This allows a welcoming and positive feeling in everyone experiencing time in the outdoors. There are a few techniques that can be done to create an ambient atmosphere.

Design is key

We would highly recommend getting in touch with a garden designer, even if this is a new build and you’re starting from the ground up. They will know how to create an area that will reflect ambience and allow all different aspects to gel together complimenting each other. This will include things like recommending which style of lights to go in certain areas, implementing certain colours of walls to compliment and then design features such as mirrors that make the area feel larger.

Style and colour

Creating ambience and an atmosphere utilising outdoor LED lighting will be done by deciding the style and secondly the colour. If it is over a firepit or an outdoor seating area, a FESTOON string pendant light which stretches above hanging about 10 meters long is ideal – whereas under an alfresco area, a dimmable LUX wall light may be the way to go as it can be both ambient and practical. A garden designer will take these into account. Secondly, LED bulbs come in a few colours, but generally setting ambience is created using a warm white colour which has a yellowish hue.

Other than the lights 

What is almost as important as the LEDs to create a mood and ambience is the outdoor space itself. This is where a garden designer comes into play again as they can start your journey to renovating your area to create a welcoming and enjoyable space. Flora has a calming and relaxing effect and will ultimately make the experience more enjoyable.

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Outdoor wall lighting is a

way to brighten up your outdoor living area. It will give a sense of warmth during the winter and will be utilised for entertaining during the warmer seasons. If there was ever a time to purchase some of these vibrant LED’s then it would be now.

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4 Reasons To Illuminate Your Front Yard

Outdoor Lighting has an array of benefits that make it an appealing addition to any outdoor space – but it’s more than just its good looks. Theres a number of reasons why to light your front yard especially.

1. Street Appeal

By adding lighting to your front yard, it adds a sense of beauty about the home. A lot of the time, it will make people look twice when travelling past – but it’s more about how you do it. By illuminating specific aspects of the front that you want the eye to be drawn to, it eliminates all the parts that you would rather people weren’t aware of; for example brightening up that feature tree but dulling away the ugly power box in the back ground.

2. Additional Safety

Picture this, a burglar is roaming the streets looking for a home to target – more times than not, they’re not going to be stupid enough to go near the one that has lights scattered to easily be detected. It’s one of the benefits that people generally don’t take into account which makes outdoor lighting the gift that keeps giving. Additional safety also applies when you need to get access to a part of the fro

nt yard, specific lights and design can illuminate the areas in use.

3. Guide the Way

When it’s dark, who knows what hazards can be around when making your way to the home when it’s pitch black. Outdoor Lighting is generally thought to be for looks but it’s highly regarded for its functionality. Theres a range of different lights that can light a path for you to walk safely to your front door, illuminate the front gate or house number or just brighten the general walkways to assure no problems.

4. General Aesthetics

When placed in the correct areas and utilised properly, theres not many bad things anyone can say about the way outdoor lighting looks. It adds a whole new aspects to the general aesthetics to the front yard landscape and provides a wow-factor. If you want to impress your neighbours or you are looking to sell your home in the near future, why not show it off and take the looks to that next level.


Why go LED?

When thinking about lighting up your outdoor living arrangement, it’s important to analyse the decision from all angles – which is the smartest option to go with and why?

LED lights are proven to be more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly than other alternatives ie. Halogen & Incandescent.

The lifespan alone of LED lights have 42x more life in them than incandescent bulbs and 13x more than halogen bulbs – all whiles still keeping a much cooler temperature and utilising less energy.

LED vs. incandescent & halogen graphThis graph clearly signifies the drastic contract between the three light sources. LED lights run with almost no heat although they emit a strong radiant glow, so there’s no more stress about burning yourself on the bulbs or something catching alight – all doing so whiles using far less energy which the world and your wallet will thank you for.

As well as heat, both incandescent and halogen emit a rather large amount of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage any features in proximity such as fabrics, artwork or any feature. Without this worry this makes LED lights the perfect light to add a feature without worry or damage or fading – for instance backlit screens are a very trendy and aesthetic addition to an outdoor area.

Additional to how many more years the LED lights will last, LED bulbs emit a high quality, natural light that is far more effective from that created by halogens or incandescent. Purely choosing to go down the path of LED compared to alternative options will create a more beautiful living space and will save you a bucket load in bills.


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2 Great LED Up-lighting Techniques to Up-lift your Outdoor Living

In-ground LED Up-Lighting Lighting/ Spotlighting

Utilising spot lights in the ground is a strategic concept, but when done right has high effectiveness. Its effectiveness differentiates between safety aspects and design qualities.

In-ground Lighting can be useful for safety reasons as well as aesthetic feature; this technique is effective to illuminate areas of constant use (surrounding pools, within steps or following pathways), without being at all in the way due to the nature of their design. Alternatively, these spotlights have the ability to present aspects of style in a way like no other – whether it is to up-light a feature wall, edge of decking, pots or the edge of garden beds; generally, their versatility stretches to almost any fixed area your yard has to offer.

In-ground Lights get fixed onto a flat area flush with the surface. They’re utilised just as much for a safety measure as they are an attractive addition to the outdoors. The lights come in either blue or warm white, and typically look best when stretched geometrically in a line over a stretch of at least 3 lights – although everyone has different taste.

Spike Lights on Water Feature LED SA outdoor living LED-Uplighting

LED Up-lighting Trees or Plants

Up-lighting the flora within your yard can accentuate the beauty and definition of your garden without really doing too much!

The wonderful thing about this technique is that it’s applicable in almost any backyard. There are multiple opportunities and variations to this technique; whether it is a single feature tree, multiple scattered plants or illuminating the symmetry in a row of plants or a hedge – it’s always possible and more importantly highly effective.

Creating this technique is rather simple but there are a few different ways. The first way is up-lighting them from a Spike Light in the ground – The LED will withstand any weather and simply be posted in the ground allowing you to manoeuvre the light to any feature you want to illuminate. The second is by fixing a light to a fixed surface in the direction of the tree or plants you wish illuminated, this procedure can utilise either Wall or Bullet Lights.

Uplights in Garden bed either side of Screen

Outdoor LED Lighting is more than just good looks!

Firstly, ask yourself; would you feel comfortable walking into the darkness of your outdoor area at night?
The feeling of security in your own home is a must, yet the feeling that anything could be out in the abyss of your backyard at night still looms.

LED Lighting in your outdoor area not only pumps life into your living space, but provides a sense of comfort and safety. It’s common practice to cut the outdoors out of the equation when it comes to night-time living; by the simple yet highly effective addition of LED Lighting an entire spectrum of night-life becomes possible where it once wasn’t; ultimately increasing your quality of living.2929354_orig

Controlling the lighting is as simple as ever, utilizing a remote control or light switch. This allows simplistic control over your outdoor living, and also over your sense of security. If you hear something in your yard, don’t hide under the blankets, light up your yard with the touch of a button – you don’t even have to get off the couch!

On the other hand, LED Outdoor Lighting provides a safety aspect to the way you utilise your outdoor area. We’ve all tripped on a step or stubbed out toe in the dark when going outside – lighting your pathways or areas of common usage provides safety. It’s often handy to place the lighting where shadows will conflict with the path you walk.

Ultimately, LED Outdoor lighting is more than just good looks, but just as importantly, a sense of security in your own home.

Warm Up For Winter!

In the coming months, temperatures will be dropping; this doesn’t mean your outdoor arrangement has to lose the comfort and warmth you appreciate. Browse through our Pergola/ Portico Lights category to find what you’ve been searching for.

Bullet Lights in Decking

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