Why go LED?

When thinking about lighting up your outdoor living arrangement, it’s important to analyse the decision from all angles – which is the smartest option to go with and why?

LED lights are proven to be more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly than other alternatives ie. Halogen & Incandescent.

The lifespan alone of LED lights have 42x more life in them than incandescent bulbs and 13x more than halogen bulbs – all whiles still keeping a much cooler temperature and utilising less energy.

LED vs. incandescent & halogen graphThis graph clearly signifies the drastic contract between the three light sources. LED lights run with almost no heat although they emit a strong radiant glow, so there’s no more stress about burning yourself on the bulbs or something catching alight – all doing so whiles using far less energy which the world and your wallet will thank you for.

As well as heat, both incandescent and halogen emit a rather large amount of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage any features in proximity such as fabrics, artwork or any feature. Without this worry this makes LED lights the perfect light to add a feature without worry or damage or fading – for instance backlit screens are a very trendy and aesthetic addition to an outdoor area.

Additional to how many more years the LED lights will last, LED bulbs emit a high quality, natural light that is far more effective from that created by halogens or incandescent. Purely choosing to go down the path of LED compared to alternative options will create a more beautiful living space and will save you a bucket load in bills.


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