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SA Outdoor Lighting are having a sale on our Lux 3W LED Black Spike Light. This product is ideal for uplighting trees, illuminating paths or outdoor features whilst adding beauty to your outdoor area.

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LUX 3W LED Spike Light (Black)

Brand New Outdoor Lighting Display At the Home Ideas Centre, Anzac Hwy Adelaide


Outdoor LED Lighting Display at the Home Ideas Centre Adelaide


To all Home Owners, Garden Designers, Builders, Electricians, Architects and Landscapers (Trade Discounts do Apply)

Come visit our new LED Outdoor Lighting display at the Home Ideas Centre, Adelaide




or visit our online shop at saoutdoorlighting and take a look at our large range of outdoor LED garden lights. We have Low Voltage Garden Garden Spike Lights, Wall Lights, Pergola Lights, Deck & Feature Lights,  Pond Lights, RGB Multi coloured lighting, Strip Lighting for , remote controls, remote dimmers, and much, much more. — Buy direct online and we will deliver for free (Adelaide only) or get in contact for advice.

Lighting up your outdoors has never been easier, using all extra low voltage cabling (available from our store) and easy connection techniques, the home handyman can do the install themselves, or you can organise your own electrician to do the installs for you. All of our lights are Extra Low Voltage LEDs, these use minimal amount of power (10 X 3 Watt LED garden lights are the equivalent to 1 X 30 Watt Halogen Down-Light) LEDs also have the great advantage of not attracting flying insects (with the exception of Mosquitoes that are attracted to your breath) so having them in your pergola and near the house will not give you the same issues as Halogen lights that do attract flying insects.

Feel free to send us photos of your project and we can give you advice, we have over 15 years experience in the Building and Communications industry, we sell lights to some of Adelaide’s most prestigious Landscaping, Electrical and Building Industries.


2 Great LED Up-lighting Techniques to Up-lift your Outdoor Living

In-ground LED Up-Lighting Lighting/ Spotlighting

Utilising spot lights in the ground is a strategic concept, but when done right has high effectiveness. Its effectiveness differentiates between safety aspects and design qualities.

In-ground Lighting can be useful for safety reasons as well as aesthetic feature; this technique is effective to illuminate areas of constant use (surrounding pools, within steps or following pathways), without being at all in the way due to the nature of their design. Alternatively, these spotlights have the ability to present aspects of style in a way like no other – whether it is to up-light a feature wall, edge of decking, pots or the edge of garden beds; generally, their versatility stretches to almost any fixed area your yard has to offer.

In-ground Lights get fixed onto a flat area flush with the surface. They’re utilised just as much for a safety measure as they are an attractive addition to the outdoors. The lights come in either blue or warm white, and typically look best when stretched geometrically in a line over a stretch of at least 3 lights – although everyone has different taste.

Spike Lights on Water Feature LED SA outdoor living LED-Uplighting

LED Up-lighting Trees or Plants

Up-lighting the flora within your yard can accentuate the beauty and definition of your garden without really doing too much!

The wonderful thing about this technique is that it’s applicable in almost any backyard. There are multiple opportunities and variations to this technique; whether it is a single feature tree, multiple scattered plants or illuminating the symmetry in a row of plants or a hedge – it’s always possible and more importantly highly effective.

Creating this technique is rather simple but there are a few different ways. The first way is up-lighting them from a Spike Light in the ground – The LED will withstand any weather and simply be posted in the ground allowing you to manoeuvre the light to any feature you want to illuminate. The second is by fixing a light to a fixed surface in the direction of the tree or plants you wish illuminated, this procedure can utilise either Wall or Bullet Lights.

Uplights in Garden bed either side of Screen

Outdoor LED Lighting is more than just good looks!

Firstly, ask yourself; would you feel comfortable walking into the darkness of your outdoor area at night?
The feeling of security in your own home is a must, yet the feeling that anything could be out in the abyss of your backyard at night still looms.

LED Lighting in your outdoor area not only pumps life into your living space, but provides a sense of comfort and safety. It’s common practice to cut the outdoors out of the equation when it comes to night-time living; by the simple yet highly effective addition of LED Lighting an entire spectrum of night-life becomes possible where it once wasn’t; ultimately increasing your quality of living.2929354_orig

Controlling the lighting is as simple as ever, utilizing a remote control or light switch. This allows simplistic control over your outdoor living, and also over your sense of security. If you hear something in your yard, don’t hide under the blankets, light up your yard with the touch of a button – you don’t even have to get off the couch!

On the other hand, LED Outdoor Lighting provides a safety aspect to the way you utilise your outdoor area. We’ve all tripped on a step or stubbed out toe in the dark when going outside – lighting your pathways or areas of common usage provides safety. It’s often handy to place the lighting where shadows will conflict with the path you walk.

Ultimately, LED Outdoor lighting is more than just good looks, but just as importantly, a sense of security in your own home.

Warm Up For Winter!

In the coming months, temperatures will be dropping; this doesn’t mean your outdoor arrangement has to lose the comfort and warmth you appreciate. Browse through our Pergola/ Portico Lights category to find what you’ve been searching for.

Bullet Lights in Decking

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